The Abyss Ver.1

The Abyss Ver.1

Format: online fiction (membership/subscription)

Authors: X. Aratare, Raythe Reign

4.16 of 157

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Lieutenant Anarion Gray met the enigmatic Kin leader, Lord Abaddon, when he was but a boy after his father's sentencing for crimes against humanity. His father's crime was trying to incite a rebellion against the alien vampiric Kin who live in peace with humanity. In exchange for human blood, the Kin give humanity technology beyond their imagining.

Anarion's father is convinced that the Kin's ultimate goal is to enslave or assimilate all humanity, but after meeting Lord Abaddon, Anarion does not believe his father. In fact, he is haunted by tLord Abaddon and has no greater desire than to serve aboard the Kin commander's spaceship called The Abyss.

Will he be able to win over Lord Abaddon's affection? Or has Lord Abaddon always intended to make Anarion his own?

The prologue and first 5 chapters are free for non-members.

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