Zero Day (John Puller, #1)

Zero Day (John Puller, #1)

ISBN: 0446573019

ISBN 13: 9780446573016

Publication Date: October 31, 2011

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Pages: 434

Format: Hardcover

Author: David Baldacci

4.00 of 43,256

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War hero John Puller is known to be the top investigator in the US Army’s CID. So when a family with military connections is brutally murdered in a remote area of West Virginia, Puller is called to investigate, and soon suspects the case has wider implications.

As the body count rises he teams up with local homicide detective Samantha Cole. As the web of deceit is revealed, it quickly becomes apparent that there’s much more to this case than they had first thought. It is an investigation where nothing is as it seems, and nothing can be taken at face value.

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