Final Girl

Final Girl

Author: P.N. Books

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Get THREE hot cowboy and military romance short stories with a collection 24 bonus stories inside!

Laws of Passion–Threesome MFM Cowboy and Bad Biker Romance

Nick DuPont inherits his grandfather’s ranch in the west and decides to move there. While there, Nick discovers that there is a very hot woman that rans a saloon in town when he goes there for a drink the first night. The next time that he visits the saloon, he is in the company of his friend, biker Gary Stiles and they are just in time to foil an attempted robbery by outlaws.

Solange Smith is taken by Nick's looks from the very first time that she sees him, and when he comes with his friend to save the day as outlaws attack her saloon, she decides to surrender to him. She lets him choose whether to share her with his best friend or not.

Sharing Seals –Threesome MFM Military Romance

Best friends, Patrick and Kevin, have always done everything together, from Boy Scouts to high school sports to the Navy. Now these two SEALS have returned to their hometown on leave only to discover that another close friend from school is preparing to deploy and wants to get married before he goes.

Thrown into planning an impromptu wedding, the two meet the bride's sister and soon find themselves engaged in much more than just picking out flowers and booking a wedding band.

Forbidden Quest–BWWM Military and Pregnancy Romance

Natasha's boyfriend is deployed out of town soon after she conceives and she realizes that the bigger her belly, the more the urge for sex becomes. there aren't many people who live around the military quarters apart from the soldiers and their families, and she finds herself becoming more and more attracted to his best friend, Bruce.

Bruce comes by to check on her every so often and is more and more attracted to her as her pregnancy progresses. One day he decides to seduce her and she gives in to his sexy white muscular body. he reminds her so much of her husband that she surrenders completely to him.

Natasha's best friend, Kimberly on the other hand, also has the hots for Bruce and knowing that her boyfriend, Clive will be coming back from deployment soon, she plots for the perfect position to have Bruce come running into her arms without opposition.

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

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